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How Fit Are You, Really?

4 tests to measure strength, balance and flexiblity can help you set fitness goals How much effort would it take for you to go from sitting on the floor to standing up? Determining how ...

Fiftysomething Diet: Should You Be Juicing?

It’s the popular thing now days…juicing. Seems everyone is doing it. But is it good for you? A noted dietician provides the pros and cons and offers her view of the practice along with some helpful advice on how to do it if you decide that juicing is for you. Experts ponder the pros and cons of ...

3 Secrets of Successful Midlife Reinvention

Author Mark S. Walton made these discoveries while interviewing some remarkable men and women A half-dozen years ago — when I was in my mid-50s, with two successful careers under my belt — I set out to settle some questions that friends, colleagues, clients and I had begun to wrestle with:

A Promising Glimpse at Washington’s Next Generation

Had the pleasure this week to meet with a small group of amazing young people at the Urban Alliance Foundation’s Washington branch. Urban Alliance is a program that provides high school seniors with ...

How to Declare Your Financial Independence

Tips from a man who did, plus apps and sites that can help you With the 4th of July in the recent past, what better time to talk about a few ways that could help people in their 50s or 60s declare ...

8 Iconic Things You Can Only Do in America

Rediscover your patriotic streak this summer with an iconic American experience. Eat a Fenway Frank at a Boston Red Sox baseball game. Ride the historic 1927 wooden Cyclone roller coaster on Coney ...

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